visionMission and vision of any  institution are key to its profile and strategic plan. These statements provide the overall directions for planning.

Mission Statement of NCFMR
Our mission is to provide an institutional platform for various stakeholders to deliberate, strategize and collaborate through actionable empirical research and knowledge-driven policy suggestions, in the areas of finance and applied economics.

Vision Statement of NCFMR
NCFMR aspires to become an unbiased and rich source of knowledge and a think tank of first choice for policy makers, industry, research community and other stakeholders in the areas of finance and applied economics.
NCFMR wishes to be acknowledged as an institution engaged in generating high quality research and encouraging business innovation, which is of relevance to the economy and society at large. It should also be known as an institution fostering capacity building and disseminating knowledge for economic growth through financial sector development, which is sustainable and more inclusive.