NCFMR shall focus on four operating segments, namely Research (OS1), Events (OS2), Training and Education (OS3), Data and Analytics Lab, Business Innovation lab.
The activities of each of the centres broadly relate to the any of these operating segments(OS1, OS2 and OS3).The Centre Advisory Committees(CAC) identify the contemporary issues and resources as well as execution of the activity portfolio. The activities undertaken in each of these operating segments are as follows:

1. Research (OS1)

  • Research Papers- Emphasis shall be on relevant issues and emerging policy challenges in thrust areas
  • Policy Papers – The Projects will be undertaken by NCFMR with 6-9 months duration, which may result in generation of policy papers.
  • Focus Papers-Focus papers will be published on contemporary issues which confront policy makers on a recurring basis. Issues in vogue, at national and global level, shall be taken up for study on a regular basis.
  • Study groups and Policy Committee’s can be created on request which will be self-financed.

2. Events(OS2)

  • Roundtables/Panel discussions- Conducting roundtables and panel discussions on emerging issues in the thrust areas.
  • Research Seminars- Renowned experts would be invited to speak on macroeconomic and financial policy issues and present their research.

3. Trainings and Education(OS3)

  • Corporate Trainings & Workshops: Developing and conducting trainings and workshops on various areas of business and finance leading to capacity building.
  • Certificate Programmes- Offering certificate programmes in various areas of business and finance for knowledge and skill development.

4. Business Innovation Lab

  • New Business Ideas- Emphasis shall be on identifying and promoting new business ideas thereby fostering entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Product & Strategy Design- Focus will be on developing innovative financial products and seeking optimal solutions to key business problems
  • Innovation Projects- These projects shall help in developing new business modeling techniques and dwell upon issues which are interdisciplinary in nature.
  • Indices & Benchmark Construction- Development of Indices in niche financial and economic spheres like commodity, real estate and investor sentiment etc.

5. Research Journal-

Publication of a well-reputed and independently reviewed journal shall be undertaken.

6. Data and Analytics Lab

The Data Analytics lab will be a reservoir of all data points used by NCFMR for it’s extensive research. The data will be further analyzed using sophisticated statistical and econometric tools.
In addition, NCFMR may take up other operating segment and activities as and when the need is felt and approval is granted by the Governing Council.

The operating segments and activities shall be carried out in the phased manner. Proposed Timeline of various activities to be undertaken is as follows:

Operating Segments Activities Year 1 Year 2 Year 3-5
Research Research Papers
Policy Papers
Focus Papers
Research Journal
Events Roundtables/Panel Discussion
Research Seminars
Trainings & Education Corporate Trainings & Workshops
Certificate Programmes
Business Innovation Lab New Business Ideas
Product  &Strategy Design
Innovation, Business Modelling &Interdisciplinary Areas
Indices & Benchmark Construction

The above timelines are proposed and subject to change.