New Business Ideas

Emphasis shall be on identifying and promoting new business ideas thereby fostering entrepreneurship and innovation. NCFMR incubates new business ideas which shall be shared with the industry and other stakeholders as dictated by the prior arrangements.

Product & Strategy Design

Focus will be on developing innovative financial products and seeking optimal solutions to key business problems identified by the various stakeholders. Products can be patented and licensed for wider use by the industry and government

Innovation Projects

These projects shall help in developing new business modelling techniques and dwell upon issues which are interdisciplinary in nature. Innovations and learnings can be harnessed for effective policy making by the various stakeholders.

Indices Construction

Development of Indices in niche financial and economic spheres viz. commodity, real estate and investor sentiment. NCFMR will promote these indices for greater adoption across industry and government so as to help in informed decision-making

Data Analytics

The Data Analytics lab will be a reservoir of all data points used by NCFMR for its extensive research. The data will be further analysed using sophisticated statistical and econometric tools.